Scouting Events & Activities

Lake Hartwell Floatilla

June 17- 19, 2022

Yarr me maties!  Behold our epic floatilla!  We celebrated Father's Day Weekend 2022 with some of our dads on this remote island hideaway tucked neatly in the coves of Lake Hartwell, SC.  The fleet consisted of one pontoon, one john boat, 3 canoes, two kayaks, and a very questionable raft.  We toted our gear and smiling faces over 1.5 miles of choppy lake and high winds.  We then made landfall on the island and camped for two days.  We spent the days fishing, boating, swimming, working on advancement, and we closed the evenings with a campfire and Smores.  Our leaders taught us Leave-No-Trace as we cleaned up the island.  We left it better than we found it!

Wild West Campout and Community Service

April 8-10, 2022

Our scouts seized the opportunity to help our good friends from Anderson's Western Showdown with their annual event!  The weather was cold and windy, but we put in a lot of work for a great cause.  At night, we camped, practiced our cooking skills, and participated in a barn-burning (which was totally safe)!

This adventure tested our scouts' spirits and tenacity.  The cold weather was unwelcoming, but the friends we made were warm, passionate about ranch life, and as committed to helping others as we are. We were surrounded by great role models, horses, and ample community service opportunities.  It was a tough but memorable weekend! 

Fall Creek Falls and Cumberland Caverns Adventure

February 26-27, 2022

Anderson Scouts BSA had the pleasure of visiting Fall Creek Falls and Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee on February 26-27, 2022. During this trip, our scouts were able to take in the sights of the majestic falls and raging waters as well as experience some serious spelunking and overnight camping.

This combined adventure tested our scouts' many qualities. They proved their commitment to the Scout Law by being helpful, cheerful, and very brave.  Although they participated in a guided tour, these caverns are not for the weak-willed.  It took approximately 4 hours to complete the trek; crawling through very tight cracks, over and under muddy rocks, sliding down slick surfaces, and climbing ladders that would make a roofer queasy.  Our scouts did it all, and made it home safe, a little tired, but more confident.