Meet Our Scout Leaders

Dedicated to Serving Youth Through Scouting

Get to know the scouting leaders behind Scouts BSA: Lights of Hope. Behind every successful troop, there’s a talented group of special people who are highly committed to that success. Read all about the team, and feel free to get in touch with additional questions.

Charlean Mullikin, Scout Troop Committee Chair


Troop Committee Chair

Charlean "Mimi" Mullikin is no ordinary grandmother.  She is a true scouter with a background in public education and Council administration.  She brings years of practical experience to the team and is always the first to rise to any challenge.  All who meet her will immediately recognize her passion for serving today's youth.

Jessie Luce

Troop 117 (Girls)

Jessie Luce, as we describe him, is a "lifer."  Jessie brings to the troop a long-history of practical scouting skills and enthusiasm for the outdoors.  Jessie is also a third generation Eagle Scout and the father of two aspiring female Eagle scouts, Savannah and Jaden, who are also proud members of Troop 117.

William Key, Boys Scoutmaster Troop 280


Troop 280 (Boys)

We rescued this guy from a dark cave and decided to keep him.  During campouts, we often hear him preaching in his sleep (between snores) something about "no task being too big, that all leaders have a duty to pass on their skills to today's youth,  and that to be a good person is to be a force for positive change in the community."  He also rides motorcycles and melts metal, which is pretty cool.

Roxanna Sheets, Troop Committee Member


Troop Committee Member

Roxanna Sheets is a super hero to both of our troops.  She is the "muscle" behind the troops' fundraising events and outdoor activities.  A proud Woodbadge participant, Roxanna is always willing to teach, coach, and guide our scouts toward success.

Honourable Glenn A. Davis, Troop Committee Member

Hon. Glenn A.

Troop Committee Member

A familiar face to many Anderson County residents, the Hon. Glenn A. Davis is an entrepreneur with a passion for community service and civic responsibility.  He currently represents District Two and served as Scoutmaster for Troop 280 for many years.  Mr. Davis is a shining example of dedication, hard work, and the success that results.  He is a tremendous role model to our scouts.